The Sanctuary service

23 / A55
Andreasen M. L.
The Sanctuary service / M. L. Andreasen. — 2-nd ed. rev.. —  ; Hagerstown : Review and Herald Publishing Association., ©2006. — 413 p.. — ISBN 978-0-8280-1989-7 (paperback)978-0-8280-2005-3 (hardcover)
   Seventh-day Adventists
   The Sanctuary Service, by the late M. L. Andreasen, is a Seventh-day Adventist classic. By careful exposition of the Scriptures, the author probes the meaning of Jesus Christ as our substitutionary sacrifice and our high priest in the heavenly courts. Andreasen’s breadth of thought is stimulating, his concepts spiritually uplifting. This is a work that deserves to be an ongoing resource for Adventist study and meditation

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