Love come home

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Pierson R. H.
Love come home : Hosea, Philimon / Robert H. Pierson. —  ; Washington, DC : Review and Herald Publishing Association, ©1987. — 125 p.. — (Bible bookshelf). — CAR copy 3 from the library of Bob Edwards.. — ISBN 0-8280-0391-2
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   The book of Hosea portrays God's love for apostate Israel through the heart-rending experience of the prophet and his wayward wife. Philemon is a letter from the apostle Paul to the slaveowner Philemon requesting him to forgive and accept back the runaway slave Onesimus. Both Bible books give concrete illustrations of God's love for those He seeks to redeem. Former General Conference president Robert H. Pierson uses Hosea to draw parallels between the dangers facing ancient Israel and those threatening the Seventh-day Adventist Church. From the unhappy marital situation of Hosea, Pierson goes on to present principles to help the reader have a happy home. From the book of Philemon he brings examples of God's power to change lives. As he writes on these specific topics, Elder Pierson constantly reminds us of God's amazing willingness to accept us and take us into His kingdom.

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