God's solution to man's dilemma

286.3.1 / K43
Kiesler H.
God's solution to man's dilemma : Romans / Herbert Kiesler. —  ; Washington, DC : Review and Herald Publishing Association, ©1990. — 128 p.. — ISBN 0-8280-0592-3
   Adventists Sabbatarians
   УДК 286.3.1
   ДКД 227/.106
   ДКД 227/.106
   Paul tried everything in his power to keep God’s law, only to realize he could never do it alone. When he finally understood the significance of Christ’s ministry in behalf of man, it became his passion to help others who were struggling to gain the grace that God had already provided through His Son. The book of Romans points us to Christ as the only solution to our sin dilemma, and shows us how we can enter into a joyful, saving relationship with Him. It unveils the true meaning of the Christian life, the key to staying in union with Christ, and helps us understand the r oles faith, works, the law, and the Holy Spirit play in our salvation.

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