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200 1 _aWilliam Miller and the rise of Adventism
_fGeorge R. Knight
210 _aNampa, Idaho
_cPacific Press Pub. Association
215 _a336 p.
_cill. ; 23 cm
327 1 1 _bA Word to the Reader
_bPART I: Moving Toward the Year of the End
_cChapter 1: Millennial Passion
_dRevival of the Study of Prophecy
_dMillerism and the Second Great Awakening
_dMillennial Conflict
_dNot Always a Rebel
_dAn Enthusiastic Bible Student
_dThe Deistic Years and the War of
_dTo Preach or Not to Preach
_dBack to Christianity
_dA Profile of Miller the Man
_cChapter 4: Enter Joshua V. Himes: Mission Organizer
_dMeet J. V. Himes
_dOrganizational Strategist
_dHimes Meets Miller
_dHimes Under Criticism
_cChapter 5: More Millennial Missionaries
_dJosiah Litch Joins the Adventist Mission
_dAdditional Millerite Leaders
_dThe Millerite Camp Meetings
_dBlack and Female Lecturers
_dThe Zealous Charles Fitch
_bPART II: The Year of the End
_cChapter 6: Entering the Year of the End
_dProgressively Focusing on the Time
_dNon-Millerite Responses to the Arrival of the Year
_dA Year of Expectancy and Evangelism
_cChapter 7: Coming Out of Babylon
_dToward Millerite Separatism
_dGrowing Resistance to Millerism
_cChapter 8: The Spring Disappointment
_dBut Christ Did Not Come
_cChapter 9: The Tarrying Time
_dFanaticism in the Ranks
_dA New Message
_dNew Leaders
_dOlder Leaders Join the Seventh-Month Movement
_dMoving Toward October
_cChapter 11: The October Disappointment
_dImmediate Reactions
_dThe Shut Door and the Forming of the Battle Line
_dA Leadership in Turmoil
_dThe Scattering Time
_bPART III: Moving Away From the Year of the End
_dThe Rise of the Spiritualizes
_dThe Shaker Temptation
_dAberrant Adventism
_cChapter 13: The Albany Reaction
_dUp to Albany
_dThe Albany Denominations
_dImmediately After Albany
_cChapter 14: The Sabbatarian Disentanglement
_dBorn in Confusion
_dThe Third Angel
_dNew Personalities
_dThe Gathering Time
_dNew Doctrines: The Answer to Confusion
_cChapter 15: Millerism at 170
_dThe Changing Shape of Adventism
_dAnd What of the Passion?
330 _aA definitive and comprehensive history of Millerism that is a must read for Adventist pastors, teachers, and anyone involved in evangelism. This is a reprint of℗ Millennial Fever and the End of the World, originally published in 1994.
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_aSeventh-day Adventists
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700 1 _aKnight
_bG. R.
_gGeorge Raymond
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