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102 _aUS
200 1 _aSeventh-Day Adventists answer questions on doctrine
_enotes with historical and theological introduction by George R. Knight
_ggeneral editor: Knight, George R
205 _aAnnotated ed.
210 _aBerrien Springs, Mich.
_cAndrews University Press
215 _axxxvi, 597 p.
_d24 cm
300 _aOriginally published: Washington, D.C. : Review and Herald Pub. Association, 1957.
320 _aIncludes bibliographical references (p. [491]-504) and index.
327 1 1 _bPreface to Annotated Edition
_bIntroduction to the Annotated Edition
_bFundamental Beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists
_bI. Preliminary Questions
_c1. Doctrines We Share With Other Christians
_c2. The Bible, Only Rule of Faith and Practice
_c3. Seventh-day Adventist Relationship to Past Positions
_bII. Questions About Christ
_c4. Deity and Eternal Pre-existence of Christ
_c5. Deity of Christ and Church Membership
_c7. The Bodily Resurrection of Christ
_c8. Christ, and Michael the Archangel
_bIV. Questions on the Law and Legalism
_c10. Christ the Heart of the Advent Message
_c11. The Basis and Fruitage of Christian Experience
_c13. Distinction Between the Decalogue and the Ceremonial Law 1ll
_c14. The Relationship of Grace to Law and Works
_bV. Questions on the Sabbath, Sunday, and the Mark of the Beast
_c15. The Foundation of Sabbath Observance
_c16. The Sabbath and the Moral Law
_c17. Saturday Observance a Valid Criterion
_c18. Historic Concept of the Mark of the Beast
_c19. When the Mark Will Be Received
_bVI. Questions on Prophecy, Daniel 8 and 9, and the 2300 Days
_c22. Basic Principles of Prophetic Interpretation
_c23. Christ Pre-eminent in Daniel 8 and 9
_c24. Problems Pertaining to Daniel 8
_c25. Relation of Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9 to 2300 Days of Daniel 8
_c26. The Seventieth Week of Daniel 9 and the Gap Theory
_c27. Scholarly Precedents for 1844 Ending of 2300 Year-Days
_c28. Antiochus Epiphanes and the Prophetic Specifications of Daniel
_bVII. Questions on Christ and His Ministry in the Sanctuary
_c29. A Wider Concept of the Atonement
_c30. Sacrificial Atonement Provided; Sacrificial Atonement Applied
_c31. Salvation Prefigured in the Sanctuary Service
_c33. The High-Priestly Ministry of Christ
_c34. The Meaning of Azazel
_c35. The Transaction With the Scapegoat
_c36. The Investigative Judgment in the Setting of the Arminian Concept
_bVIII. Questions on the Second Advent and the Millennium
_c37. The Second Coming of Christ
_c38. Varied Concepts of the Millennium
_c39. Adventist Understanding of the Millennium
_bIX. Questions on Immortality
_c40. Innate or Conditional Immortality
_c41. The Condition of Man in Death
_c42. The Punishment of the Wicked
_c43. The Rich Man and Lazarus
_c44. Champions of Conditional Immortality Span the Centuries
_bX. Miscellaneous Questions
_c46. Satan, Demons, and Angels
_c47. The Question of Unclean Foods
_c48. Adventist Relationship to World Missions Program
_cRepresentative Adventist Doctrinal Literature
_bXI. Appendixes and Indexes
_cC. The Atonement
_bScripture Index
_bGeneral Index
330 _aThis is a completely new typeset of the monumental 1957 classic, containing an extensive historical and theological introduction and detailed in-text notations by George R. Knight. Originally produced by the Ministerial Association of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Questions on Doctrine was widely acclaimed and distributed in the late 1950s and early 1960s as a forthright answer to questions from evangelicals about key elements of Adventist doctrine. Controversy regarding the book's position on the nature of Christ and the atonement soon stopped its circulation.
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_aSeventh-Day Adventists
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_bG. R.
_gGeorge Raymond
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