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200 1 _aFaith amid apostasy
_fFrank B. Holbrook
210 _aBoise, Idaho
_cReview and Herald Publishing Association
215 _a128 p.
225 _aBible bookshelf
300 _aAt head of cover title: Jeremiah.
320 _aIncludes bibliographical references (p. 128).
327 1 1 _b Preface
_b1. Time's Hinges
_b2. A Prophet’s Pilgrimage
_b3. No Other God
_b4. Wedding Vows
_b5. The Praying Prophet
_b5. God’s Object Lessons
_b7. A New Start
_b8. Sabbath Sacredness
_b9. Divine Discipline
_b10. Prophets of Peace
_b11. Precious Promises
_b12. The Collapse of a Nation
_b13. The Ministry of Sorrow
_bSuggested Reading
330 _aJeremiah was a man among men. There was no profession tougher and no message harder to give than that of a prophet. During Judah's last forty years of nationhood, Jeremiah faced many mountains of difficulty and recorded his own pilgrimage of faith in his book. And although each believer's experience is unique, we can find encouragement in how the prophet confronted the challenges that faced him as he traveled across the Judean landscape from early youth to old age. The Lord did not remove the mountains of difficulty that faced the young man as he pleaded with Judah to return to obedience to God. He only promised to make Jeremiah like an iron pillar and a bronze wall. The sturdy prophet never wavered publicly in his proclamation of God's word. And the God of Jeremiah promises to give you the strength you need to stand against the challenges in your life. Faith Amid Apostasy, by Frank Holbrook, discusses the themes from the books of Jeremiah and Lamentations. This study in spiritual fidelity and perseverance will enrich your own experience.
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_aВіра серед відступництва
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_aВера среди отступничества
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_xCriticism, interpretation, etc
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_xCriticism, interpretation, etc
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700 1 _aHolbrook
_bF. B.
_gFrank B.
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