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200 1 _aA refuge from the storm
_eRevelation 12-22
_fLawrence Maxwell
210 _aBoise, Idaho
_cReview and Herald Publishing Association
215 _a126 p.
225 _aBible bookshelf
327 1 1 _b 1. Tornadoes on the Flight Path Home!
_b3. Amazing Prophecies Accurately Fulfilled
_b4. A Day to Fall in Love
_b6. Master Plot to Belittle Christ
_b7. Beware Lest We Fall!
_b8. A Refuge From the Storm
_b9. No More Need for Refuge
_b10. The Dragon Unleashed
_b12. Coming Certainly, Coming Soon!
_b13. The Next Thousand Years
330 _aJesus has a message about refuge and security for you and me in the book of Revelation. But is not Revelation filled with scary things-terrifying animals, voices thundering out of heaven, painful plagues, symbolic women, and somber judgment messages? Lawrence Maxwell believes that God never wanted His people to fear the future, even a future that contains fearsome events symbolized by a dragon, heavenly voices, plagues, and judgment messages. God knows the end from the beginning and has the future under control, so He fills Revelation 12 to 22 with messages of refuge, security, and peace. God wants us to feel secure. Even though we know that the devil sends storms of persecution, we do not have to worry about keeping our grip on God's hand. Instead, God the Father will stand beside us, holding one hand. God the Son will be on the other side, holding that hand. And they will never let go. Nothing-certainly not a dragon-will be able to pull out of their grip. That's a refuge. That's security.
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_iRevelation 12-22
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_xBiblical teaching
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_aSeventh-day Adventists
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